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Step Lines

[* black] Just six Torx screws and a few cable connectors stand between us and logic board removal—not bad! Certainly nothing our [product|IF145-398|Marlin Screwdriver Set|new_window=true] can't handle.
[* black] And out it comes! The Air's logic board is not [|mustachioed|new_window=true] like the Pro's, nor is it [|minuscule|new_window=true] like the MacBook's.
[* icon_note] We're certainly happy about this simple procedure, but we'd rather see upgradable components or battery access—aka device-life extenders—than board access at this point.
[* black] Next we snag the daughterboard, which houses a highly-endangered headphone jack, some connectors, and a Touch ID sensor.
[* red] Also residing on this board: a [|Cirrus Logic CS42L83A audio codec|new_window=true].