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[* black] The Surface Pro series has a few different configurations, but they all come standard with upgraded adhesive.
[* black] Our [guide|26595|tried|stepid=66220|new_window=true]-[guide|51568|and|stepid=112527|new_window=true]-[guide|111895|true|stepid=214131|new_window=true] recipe for Surface screen separation success: apply [product|IF145-198-8|iOpener|new_window=true] liberally.
[* black] Next step: grab a [product|IF145-123-2|pick|new_window=true] and [product|IF145-361|suction handle|new_window=true], and fight for dear life through Microsoft's gauntlet of adhesive.
[* black] Luckily, we don't run into any surprises as we free the display. Everything's pretty much the same as [guide|92362|before|stepid=173095|new_window=true], save for an extra display cable compared to the [|Surface Go|new_window=true].