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[title] Application and Installation
[* black] Before applying any adhesive, make sure your replacement part fits, and that all connectors will connect without putting too much stress on their cables. If it is safe to do so, power on your device and verify that everything functions correctly. If everything works, power off the device and continue.
[* icon_note] If anything does not function as expected, visit the [|Answers Forum|new_window=true] for troubleshooting advice.
[* black] With the device powered off, apply the correct adhesive shape for your repair.
[* black] Avoid applying adhesive over ribbon cables, or delicate surfaces like NFC or wireless charging coils.
[* black] When applying adhesive strips, make sure to apply one end first, then use a finger or the flat end of a spudger to smooth the rest of the strip as you lay it down, squeezing out any air bubbles.
[* black] Use a pair of tweezers to peel the backing off the adhesive.