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[title] Application and Installation
[* black] Make sure the replacement part fits, and that all connectors will connect to their respective sockets correctly without putting too much stress on their cables.
[* black] If it is possible and safe to do so, power on your device with everything connected to check that the replacement part functions.
[* black] Having verified that everything works correctly, power off the device and continue.
[* black] Apply the correct adhesive strips for your repair.
[* black] When applying adhesive strips, make sure to apply one side first, then use a finger to smooth the rest of the strip as you lay it down, squeezing out any air bubbles.
[* black] Peel the backing off the adhesive and carefully install the replacement part.
[* black] For parts with inflexible cables (like some batteries), connect the part before installing it, and leave it connected during installation, to make sure the part stays positioned correctly.