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[* black] Before installing the new component or removing the adhesive backing, make sure the replacement part fits, and that all connectors will connect to their respective sockets correctly without putting undue stress on their cables.
[* black] For parts with rigid cables (like some batteries), connect the part before installing it, and leave it connected during installation, to make sure the part is positioned correctly.
[* black] Peel the backing off the adhesive and carefully install the replacement part.
[* black] Apply even pressure over the whole adhesion surface for at least 30 seconds to strengthen the bond.
[* black] For maximum bond strength on external-facing components (like displays and covers), you can leave the adhesive under pressure overnight.
[* icon_note] [|Leaving the phone under a stack of books|new_window=true] is a good way to do this—just make sure the books apply even pressure to the entire bond. You may need some kind of spacer to allow the books to lay flat.