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Step Lines

[* black] The ZR button cable is locked in place by a small [guide|25629|ZIF connector|stepid=64969|new_window=true] on the motherboard. Use tweezers or a spudger to flip up the ZIF connector lock.
[* black] Use tweezers to gently pull the ZR button flex cable out of the ZIF connector socket. The midframe is now disconnected and can be removed.
[* icon_note] The ZR button cable in this Joy-Con is short and can be tricky to reconnect. If you are worried about not being able to reconnect it, you can skip this step and leave it connected.
[* black] If you choose to leave the cable connected, '''be careful.''' Work slowly and do your best to keep the midframe from moving around as you perform the last few steps to avoid damaging the cable.