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Step Lines

-[* red] The battery is held down by a large orange ribbon. Simply disconnect the metal tab that attatches the ribbon to the phone.
-[* black] Pry apart and remove the battery from the device using a spudger.
-[* icon_note] The battery will be glued to the bottom. Removing it will not damage the device, but it will be difficult.
-[* icon_reminder] To install a new battery:
- [* black] Remove any remaining adhesive from the phone, and clean the glued areas with isopropyl alcohol and a lint-free cloth.
- [* black] Secure the new battery with pre-cut adhesive or double-sided adhesive tape. In order to position it correctly, apply the new adhesive into the phone, not directly onto the battery.
- [* black] Press the battery firmly into place for 5-10 seconds.
+[* black] If available, apply some isopropyl alcohol under each corner of the battery and allow it to penetrate for several minutes to help weaken the adhesive.
+[* black] Alternatively, apply a [guide|11677|heated iOpener|new_window=true] to the back of the phone over the battery for at least two minutes. Reheat and reapply the iOpener as needed until the battery adhesive is sufficiently weakened.

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