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[* icon_caution] Note that the CPU will most likely remain stuck to the underside of the heat sink as it's lifted out. Take care not to damage it.
[* black] Lift and remove the heat sink assembly from the logic board.
[* icon_reminder] When reassembling your iMac, remove the CPU from the heat sink and [guide|95863|reinstall|stepid=177597|new_window=true] it separately from the heat sink. This will make sure it's installed correctly and prevent damage.
[* icon_reminder] Follow our [guide|744|thermal paste application guide|new_window=true] to reapply the thermal paste to the graphics processor (GPU). You should also replace the [|heavy thermal compound|new_window=true] or apply thermal pads to the [guide|95863|VRAM chips|stepid=177392|new_window=true].

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