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Step Lines

-[* black] That's what I am talking about here.
[* black] Do you have all of them?
[* black] Left to right: tiny black one (philips, for keyboard and the lining), small black ones (torx, for the back cover), small white ones (small philips, for touchpad), medium white ones (small philips, for SINGLE-LAYER items like speaker, battery), medium black one (medium philips, for the hinges), and long white ones (medium philips, for the board)
-[* black] You should use appropriate screwdrivers for them (tiny black ones especially prone to stripping, I screw up one of mine already). Use a philips #000 only if philips #00 don't fit, and philips #0 for the largest of the screws (big black ones only)
+[* black] All of the screws have the same thread
+[* black] Lie. All the white ones have the same thread, and the external torx screw share this thread. The hinge screws are larger (and therefore won't fit), and the screws for the lining also appears to have their own thread.
+[* black] There is this one screw, though, that are slightly larger than the keyboard screw (same size as the Torx screw), but is Philips. I reason that this particular screw belongs to the holding bracket (for the WLAN card).