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Step Lines

-[* black] Then secure everything else in place using the medium white screws. (including the SSD and the WLAN card)
-[* black] Then secure the back cover after placing back the MB-DB wire.
-[* black] Is it daughterboard or data board? Never figured that out.
-[* black] And secure the back cover using the 10 TORX screws. Don't screw too tight, however.
-[* black] And we are done!
-[* black] But did you actually cleaned the keyboard and the other parts? No? Try this guide again.
+[* black] Now that, is a wrap.
+[* black] Just look at the amount of screws in that white box.
+[* black] I SWEAR I take the keyboard off...
+[* black] The black thing keyboard is on is the SCREEN, not the "palmrest". palmrest is over to the left (of the picture)

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