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Changes to Step #8

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Step Lines

[* black] Now, lift that big slab of battery off. (basically taking everything you can out of the thing.) Then the fan.
[* yellow] The screw in this picture is a big white one (it may be not), because you end up with one extra big white one after using up all the multi-layer holes.
[* green] Now it's a good time to wash the fan. (it's okay to do it with water, I did it that way.) Just make sure they are 200% dry before connecting them to power.
[* black] Take out those speakers--those are going to get into your way when you try to lift off the motherboard.
+[* black] At least, the right one.
[* black] Pictured are the proper wiring of the left and right speakers. (ESPECIALLY the right sided one -- the one on the motherboard)