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Step Lines

+[* black] Now, lift that big slab of battery off. (basically taking everything you can out of the thing.) Then the fan.
+[* yellow] NOW, you shouldn't mix electricity with water at ALL TIMES, but the thing that made my fan and cooling fin clean like new, is a stream of water from a tap.
+[* green] Just make sure they are 200% dry before connecting them to power.
+[* black] Take out those speakers--those are quite peasky when talking over the lift-off of the big silicon boards.
+[* black] Then take out the big, green pieces of ~~dried kelp~~(Minecraft's Aquatic update. Check that out) boards of wonder.
+[* red] I will update the photos when I have time. (I was really busy programming, so you will have to wait for a month or so, when I change the cases of the laptop)