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+[* black] Now. Before you want to use your common sense to dive in deep, disconnect EVERYTHING you can disconnect.
+[* black] battery, ribbon cables for touchpad, MB--DB ribbon cable, speakers, the power socket, the fan, the antenna, the SSD (not really necessary, but you can), the display.
+[* black] No RAM slots. too bad. But 4 GB was enough for the day.
+[* black] Don't forget about the keyboard's TWO wires-the "keys" and the backlight. I snagged my backlight cable (not due to unawareness of its presense).
+[* black] Use a tweezer on the cable housing, but it's OKAY to use hand as lont as you don't press it too hard. It will hold. (one of the girls in my computer programming class can, because she had tiny, delicate hands 2/3 the size of mine)
+[* black] Anyway, remove ALL screws you have access to, and group them (the big long ones (motherboard & power socket), the big short ones (motherboard, fan), the small ones(battery))
+[* black] LOTS of overlapped holes. (Again, DELL is quite smart for the layout. Really iving them credit.) UNLIKE my other laptop...