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[* black] That's everything inside a very neat package! You got the speakers, the motherboard, the databoard and the fan in between...and under that was the power outlet.
-[* black] DELL is pretty neat in doing those, even though you may still be able to snuck some ultra-slim pocket pens into the open space... Unlike my other laptop whose manufacturer begin with L..and end with o.
-[* black] With a 47wh battery (mine was still at 80% health), it should be able to let you type stuff in for around 5 hours, for a full charge.
+[* black] 47Wh should be a reasonable size for a laptop... Mine was still in 82% health. (Consider what it had been through prior, that's a very good figure already)
+[* black] DELL is pretty neat in packing those down, but the overlapping was a bit of a issue over here.