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Step Lines

-[* black] So NOW that we get those screws out of the way, shall we continue? (Yes, let's go!)
-[* black] Before lifting up the back cover, though, check the regulatory if you wanted to.
-[* black] Then just boldly lift the back cover up (make sure to disconnect the charger and earphones, as they get into the way)
-[* black] It's so straightaway, that I can find no better word to describe it.
-[* black] Convenient. Almost.
-[* black] Now, perhaps, you may realize that this back cover is NOT ordinary plastic--ir's so strong, yet light...
-[* black] Real carbon fiber?
+[* black] The regulatory is fixed to the little flap on the back cover, which locks in place with metal tabs and are kept on the machine with rubber hinges.
+[* black] There is nothing connected to the backcover, so it's very straight forward.
+[* black] Dell says the back cover is made of carbon fiber. To me this is just ordinary plastic.
+[* black] But it's so strong ... and light.
+[* icon_note] Real carbon fiber?