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Changes to How to Restore or Apply an Oleophobic Coating Introduction

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Use this guide along with an oleophobic coating kit to restore the oleophobic coating on your device, or to add an oleophobic coating to your screen or screen protector. These kits can also be used to treat other glass surfaces, such as eye glasses, watches, smartwatches, and more.
''The coating requires 8-12 hours to set, so it’s best to perform this procedure before bedtime.''
=== What is an oleophobic coating? ===
Modern smartphones feature an oleophobic (oil-repellent) coating that protects the screen, improves smoothness, and reduces fingerprints. This coating consists of a thin layer of [|fluoropolymer-based solids] (similar to Teflon) that is bonded to the glass.
Over time and use, this coating will wear off, and you may notice parts of the screen getting greasy or dirty with fingerprints more easily.


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