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Changes to How to Restore or Apply an Oleophobic Coating Introduction

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HOW TO COAT Anti Fingerprint OleophoticOleophobic Coating by yourself
'''Anti Fingerprint Oleophobic Coating''' is coated onapplied to all of Smartphones and Tablet PCs recentlytouch screen, its quite good forit contribute to usability of touch screen usability( anti fingerprint, scratch resistance and slippery surface ) but there is no solution after it is worn off. ( usually it's worn off after couple of months ).
Fusso SmartPhone is the world's first DIY Kit of Anti Fingerprint Oleophobic Coating for SmartphoneSmartphones.
It is developed with nano technology for Smartphones and Tablet PCs manufacturers and many major brand Smartphones and Tablet PCs are utilizing this coating as their default coating of Anti Fingerprint.
'''Fusso SmartPhone Feature '''
1. Ultra Oleophobic Performance approved by global smartphone makers
2. Coating Effect lasts for 3-6 months.
It chemically bonds with glass surface firmly and hard to be worn off because of molecular bonding mechanism.
3. 1 bottle ( 3ml ) capacity equivalent to 3-4 applications.
4. Coated surface is perfectly transparent.
Coating thickness is about 10nm ( 1/100,000 meter ) and. Because 10nm is even smaller than optical wave length so there is no interference occursbetween glass and coated film.
To try Anti Fingerprint Oleophobic Coating, follow this instructions and also visit
Coating kit is available on ' Anti Fingerprint Oleophobic Coating Kit Fusso SmartPhone '
WeThis show HOW TO REPAIR/RECOAT touch screen Oleophobic coating by using the world's first Oleophobic coating kit 'Fusso SmartPhone ' .