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Changes to 1990-1997 Mazda Miata Oil Change Introduction

Edit by David Hodson

Pending approval



  • 19 mm Box End Wrench x1 You may also use a socket wrench. added.
  • Funnel x1 added.
  • Hydraulic Floor Jack x1 added.
  • Jack Stand x1 added.
  • Oil Drain Pan x1 added.
  • Oil Filter Wrench x1 An oil filter wrench is only necessary if your oil filter is on too tight. added.


  • Engine Oil - Quart (3.8), 10W-40 x1 See guide step 10 for acceptable oil viscosities. added.
  • Oil Filter x1 Check an online database or the parts counter at your local auto parts store for the correct part number. added.