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Changes to iPhone 6s Teardown Introduction

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One year ago, we tore down Apple's radical new iPhone 6—and it didn't do half bad. Now, Apple say they've crammed a boatload of new technology into a phone that's imperceptibly thicker, just a few grams heavier, and several shades pinker: iPhone 6s. What does that mean, and how will it affect the repairability of our favorite fruit-based phone? Join us '''''LIVE''''' to find out—it's teardown time!
Is a 6s teardown just not big enough for you? Then you'll want our '''[|iPhone 6s Plus teardown]'''.
A big and hearty mega-thanks to our pals at Chipworks for helping us ID all of this tech. We couldn’t have done it without them. Here is their [|teardown blog|new_window=true]. Chipworks is also releasing a comprehensive product teardown report, [|sign up here|new_window=true] to get it for free!
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