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Changes to iPhone 6 LCD and Digitizer Replacement Introduction

Edit by Andrew Optimus Goldheart

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Use this guide to strip and replace your iPhone 6 front panel, without all the additional components,. It will show you how to remove includingthe home button, front-facing camera and sensor assembly, andLCD shield plate, and home button ribbon cable—all of which will need to be transferred to your replacement panel. To replace the entire assembly instead, follow [guide|29339|this much shorter guide].


  • P2 Pentalobe Screwdriver iPhone x1 removed.
  • iSclack x1 removed.
  • Phillips #00 Screwdriver x1 removed.
  • iFixit Opening Tool x1 removed.
  • Suction Handle x1 removed.
  • Tweezers x1 removed.
  • Spudger x1 removed.