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Changes to OnePlus One Battery Replacement Introduction

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The OnePlus One is an excellent smartphone but as all smartphones come, their batteries will eventually wear out and will need replacement.
Even years after its release in 2014, the OnePlus One is a popular smartphone. However its built-in batteries will probably have worn out after all these years of usage.
Although the built-in batteries were not intentionally designed to be replaced by end-users, this is still possible. Replacement batteries are available through online shops. Some of them even maintain the original design of the OnePlus One batteries.
The batteries are connected to the motherboard via a ribbon that needs to be carefully disconnected first. To this end, you open the smartphone and unmount the motherboard cover. The batteries themselves are not packed in a hard cover. Hence, extra care is required when removing them.
This guide will walk you step by step through the process of removing the batteries and give useful advices on the mentioned dfficulties. After you will have removed the battery, you can just plug in your own by executing the steps in reversed order.


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