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Changes to How to fix Mercedes W123 "screw open" style window regulator Introduction

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The power window regulators in the W123 cars are powered by a motor with a gear that moves corresponding gears on the regulator. These motors are very robust and when a window is not moving up and down properly it's often the regulator, not the motor, that is the problem. However, they are not everlasting or invincible! [ … ] Age, combined with a certain amount of abuse when using the motor on a regulator that is rubbing, jamming, or skipping can lead to the need for some repair/maintenance. In this guide, you'll learn to open up one of the two styles of motors; in this case, the motors that open up easily with the removal of a few screws. Once open, the electrical motor can be cleaned and the gears can be re-greased and you can likely get several more decades of use out of your motors!
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10 minutes
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10 minutes