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Changes to Fitbit Flex Teardown Introduction

Edit by Jake Devincenzi

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Here at iFixit, we promote only the healthiest of lifestyles. We all eat our vegetables ''at least'' once per week, and we never eat pizza on back-to-back days (unless it's left over, of course). We take plenty of exercise breaks where we get up and walk to the break room to play video games. One could say that we are health freaks, and we would not argue. [ … ] To supplement our lifestyle, we picked up a Fitbit Flex. However, since we are iFixit, we could not resist tearing into the pedometer/personal trainer combo to find out how Fitbit could pack so much muscle into so small of a device. [ … ] Want to see pictures of all our latest meals? Follow us on [|Instagram]. Pictures not really your thing? Keep up with all of our shenanigans on [|Twitter] and [|Facebook].