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Apple Studio LCD 17" ADC Studio Display
Apple Studio LCD 17" ADC Studio Display Teardown
The Apple 17" ADC Studio Display, one of the best looking displays Apple has ever produced. This Display was designed to match the clear acrylic aesthetic qualities of G4-based Macs, so much that Apple made it so that it would only work on Powermac G4's And Early G5's and to use it on a PC or ibook or powerbook you need a $110 ADC to DVI Adaptor available only from apple. This display does have numerous technical issues though. The backlight inverters tend to fail, and one of the diodes on the LDC panel has been known to fail under certian operating enviroments. Even though, this display looks great, and has crystal clear images and came in 15", 17" and a whooping 23" this display is great because of the ADC connector, it carries power, signal, and USB to the display so there is less cable clutter, this is reminicant of NeXT Workstation MegaPixel Displays. And, for those of you wondering, ADC stands for Apple Display Connector, Apple and their proprietary connectors...
To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.