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Changes to MacBook Pro 16" 2019 Trackpad Replacement Introduction

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Use this guide to replace a faulty trackpad, or to simply remove the trackpad temporarily when servicing the battery.
'''For your safety, discharge your MacBook Pro's battery below 25%''' before you begin this procedure. A charged lithium-ion battery can create a dangerous fire if accidentally punctured.
To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.
Compare your new replacement part to the original part—you may need to transfer remaining components or remove adhesive backings from the new part before installing.
'''To reassemble your device, follow the above steps in reverse order.'''
Take your e-waste to an [[E-Waste|R2 or e-Stewards certified recycler|new_window=true]].
Repair didn’t go as planned? Check out our [|Answers community] for troubleshooting help.