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Changes to How to repair a hole in a crochet dishcloth Introduction

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repair a hole in a crochetCrochet dishcloth
This repair guide is intended to limit the amount of waste and save users money. It will require use of one simple crochet stitch, tying knots and threading to complete the guide. It will walk you through how to do the crochet stitch with pictures and descriptions so you don’t need previous crocheting experience. Depending on how big your hole is, this guide can take 20 minutes to 1 hour. After completing the guide, your dishcloth will be back to it’s original working condition.
RepairingThis guide will show users how to repair a hole in a crochet dishcloth using a few materials that can be easily obtained.


  • Crochet hook x1 added.
  • Utility Scissors x1 added.
  • Large threading needle x1 added.
  • Safety Pin x1 quantity depends on how many loose loops you have added.
  • Yarn x1 to match your dishcloth added.