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Changes to Motorola Moto G6 Motherboard Replacement Introduction

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The Motorola Moto G6, like most phones, houses a motherboard that connects all of the components of the device and controls its subsystems. In order to remove many of the Moto G6’s commonly-replaced components, the motherboard must be removed first. Use this guide to successfully take the motherboard out of your Moto G6.
No repair experience is required. However, this replacement will require tools to remove the needed components of the device. The specific device model in this guide is XT1925-12. Other model numbers include: XT1925-4, XT1925-5, XT1925-6, and XT1925DL.
Before beginning the repair, make sure the device is turned off and disconnected from an external power source. Gather the suggested tools listed below.
Time Required Min
20 minutes
Time Required Max
20 minutes