You can remove the side panels with a pry tool.
  • You can remove the side panels with a pry tool.

  • You don't need to remove the rubber. The rubber on this controller was already bad

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Remove the 5 Torx Security Bit (TR8) screws
  • Remove the 5 Torx Security Bit (TR8) screws

all the T8 screws on my controller have a clear filling in them, WTF?!?!?

Patrick Henry - Reply

all my T8 screws have a clear filling in them, WTF?!?!?!

Patrick Henry - Reply

I've never seen that, I can't advise much other than scrapping it out with an xacto knife

EasyAsABC123 - Reply

My screws have a tiny metal pin in the center. Looks like I need a TR8 bit, not a T8. This might be what you are mistaking for a clear filling.

Steve McGinn - Reply

Thanks it might be TR8 i’ll update the guide

EasyAsABC123 - Reply

  • Pry the panel next to the 3.5mm port

  • Be careful to not rip the ribbon shown in the next step

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  • Be careful to not rip the ribbon cable

  • You can pop the connector up to remove the ribbon easily

  • Ribbon Cable

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  • Remove the 2 Torx (T6) screws

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  • Desolder the 4 wires on each side, these control the vibrations and the RT LT

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  • Pull up from the "top" side of the controller on the sister board.


I would like to know if I could get from you a Motherboard . In case you don' t have it, where could I find one?

Thank you

Alejandro Expósito - Reply

  • Be Careful to not lose the sync button

  • Pry the middle section up from the home button side.

  • This will also remove the LB and RB which is a single part

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  • Unscrew the 6 Torx (T6) screws

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  • Desolder the original LED from the motherboard of the controller. Do this for both sides of the LED until all of the old solder is removed.

  • Solder on your new LED.

  • Make sure it is installed the same direction as the old LED, or you can burn out the new LED.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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So question I’m having troubles with my elite controller every time I go to plug it in and the charging port in the back of the controller it starts to smoke what’s my problem

Dustin Dykstra - Reply

It sounds like it could be a lot of things…

smoke is obvious a dead stop (stop plugging it in until you repair it).

I would first check the charge port and make sure it is firmly attached if it isn’t you can easily replace the usb port. Next it could be the mainboard charging circuit. if it is this…replace the controller is likely the ideal solution.

EasyAsABC123 -

I was looking to do this mod for fun. Do you have or know where I can get the led part number? A schematic or bom would be nice. Thanks

Clayton Armagost - Reply

0805 SMD LED Diode Lights

i bought these

EasyAsABC123 -

Thank you. I ordered them so we will see what happens.

Clayton Armagost -

Worked like a champ. The original LED was a POS and melted when i applied the heat. I got it cleaned up and change with no other problem. Thanks for the guide.

Clayton Armagost - Reply

Awesome I'm glad you had success!

EasyAsABC123 -

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