1. Xbox 360 S Optical Drive Replacement
    • Xbox 360 S Optical Drive Replacement

    • In order to get to the laser to replace it you first have to remove the disk drive.

    • The link at the top is an IFIXIT guide that helps you to remove and replace the optical disk drive.

    • For a new laser lens that comes with an anti-static solder joint consult the video guide to remove the solder joint.

    • https://youtu.be/iL8wVC9PLBk

    • When you purchase a new lens some come with the solder joint and some do not.

    • In the case that it does you'll need to desolder it. We provided a video to help you.

    • Now that you have completed steps 1 and 2

    • Remove the elastic band on the disk drive.

    • With the underside exposed, identity the 4 main screws.

    • Remove these 4 screws.

    • Remove the cover to expose the assembly

    • Locate the three ribbons connected to the board.

    • Use the plastic spudger to unclamp the ribbons from the board.

    • The ribbons will now be able to slip out. With the tweezers, gently pull the ribbons to completely detach them.

    • Locate the screw that holds the motherboard to the disk drive

    • Using your screwdriver, remove the motherboard screw.

    • Use the spudger's flat side to get under the biggest plastic pin on edge of the board.

    • Push the pin backwards and off of the board.

    • Using your spudger again, push the second smaller pin backwards and off of the board.

    • Then, slide the board away from the pin slightly to be free of the last plastic element (the black corner thing).

    • With the board freed from it's trappings, locate the pin securing the wires connected the board.

    • Be careful to not yank the motherboard or else the wires will rip from their sockets

    • Use your spudger to press this pin backwards.

    • Lift the entire board up to free the wires.

    • Lay the motherboard adjacent to the disk drive.

    • Locate the 4 circular hex screws that secure the laser rail assembly.

    • Using your T7 hex screw driver remove these 4 screws.

    • Lift the rail assembly out of the disk drive. Set the disk drive aside.

    • Flip the laser rail assembly over to expose the screws.

    • Remove the screw connecting the laser lens to the plastic fastener.

    • Remove the screw connecting the metal fastener to the rail.

    • Remove the metal fastener that holds the rod to the rail after removing the screw.

    • Push the rail end to the side and out from under the metal latch.

    • Slide the lens off the rail. Set aside the rail assembly.

    • Using the spudger, release the plastic clamp holding the ribbon to the laser lens.

    • Using your fingers gently pull the ribbon out of the plastic clamp.

    • This is the lens

    • Remove the screw holding the metal fastener to the old lense.

    • Remove the now unsecured metal fastener.

    • Connect the ribbon to the replacement lens by sliding it in place then closing the plastic fastener.

    • Place the removed metal fastener on the new laser lens and use the removed screw to secure the fastener to the replacement lens.

    • Slide the replacement lens onto the right rail

    • Make sure to clip the other side of the lens onto the left rail

    • Slide the unsecured right rail back under the metal latch. (metal latch is pointed to by the arrow)

    • Place the metal fastener removed from the rail previously back in position and secure it with the screw that was removed.

    • Retrieve the plastic fastener and the accompanying screw.

    • Reattach the plastic fastener to the laser lens and use your philips head screw driver to re-secure the screw. The lens should now be attached to the rail.

    • Position the rail assembly within the disk drive

    • Use the 4 previously removed screws to secure the position.

    • Place the motherboard back in position.

    • Use the plastic pins to resecure the motherboard back to the disk drive.

    • Refer to steps 8 & 9 if more pictures for assistance are needed.

    • Just work backwards starting with only the first picture in 9, securing the wires into their enclosure using their pin.

    • Then work backwards through the pictures in step 8.

    • Reattach the 3 ribbon wires to the motherboard.

    • These are the 3 wires that were detached in steps 5 & 6

    • If more assistance is needed work backwards completely through steps 6 and then 5.

    • Reattach the screw removed from the motherboard in step 7. This is the only screw that'll completely secure the motherboard to the disk drive.

    • Replace the cover remove the cover

    • Flip the disk drive over and reattach the four screws removed from the cover in step 4.

    • Flip the disk drive and reattach the elastic band.

    • You are done with replacing the laser lens.

    • Nice Job!


If you followed all the steps you should have a working XBOX 360 S.

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Thanks, took me around 30 min to do this. Everything is written in detail. I like that.

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