1. required tools
    • required tools

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  2. gebrochener Touchscreen, Handy ausschalten
    • gebrochener Touchscreen, Handy ausschalten

    • Entferne die Gehäuserückseite.

    • Entferne Akku, SIM Karte/-en und Speicherkarten.

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    • Benutze einen kleinen Kreuzschlitzschraubendreher, um alle auf dem Bild rot markierten Schrauben zu entfernen.

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    • using a flat blade similar to the iSesamo, loosen carefully the back frame away from the phone, been careful not to break the clips, i found it easier to start around the area of the battery. once your most of the way round the frame comes away easier

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    • at the top of the phone is the touchscreen connector

    • to remove, lift carefully the latch as shown in step 5 picture 1, it does not require much pressure to lift the latch up

    • then place the plastic spudger underneath the main connector and lift this away from the connection.

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    • using a hairdryer or heatgun, warm the screen moving constantly the heating tool across the whole of the screen, the heatgun / hairdryer should be at least 5-10cm away from the screen.

    • heat for approx 30-45 seconds

    • place the heatgun / hairdryer to one side, using your prying tool, in my case the iSesamo, carefully try to place this under the screen, start in the middle and work round to the bottom and then up to the top

    • carefully prying the touchscreen away from the phone and ensuring you dont touch or bend the LCD display

    • This step may re-require the heating of the screen several times to keep the screen glue soft.

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    • once you have finished prying the screen away from the frame, carefully pull it away from the phone, ensuring the connector is carefully removed from its slot in the frame.

    • Also, dont throw the old glass away so fast, well not until you have remove the earpice dust cover, see step 7 picture 2. this dus t cover you will require for the new display.

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    • carefully, using a small scraping tool, or flat blade screendriver, remove all the residue rest from glue and band. this is required to ensure that the new touchscreen as a good firm clean base to stick to

    • ensure you dont touch or damage the LCD screen

    • once finished, carefully blow off the residue and dust. now the phone is ready to place back together

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    • i was lucky, my replacement touchscreen came fitted with self adhesive to the screen, i just had to remove the foil from the screen and stick the screen to the frame

    • however should your replacement screen not have self adhesive on it, you´ll need double sided 3m sticky tape or touchscreen glue. however with the tape, you will need to cut and fit this around the frame of the phone. stick it all in place ensuring you dont cover any important buttons or functions and ensure you dont stick tape to the LCD screen.

    • once this is completed carefully using tweezers remove the white protection tape away from the tape to expose the sticky side for the touchscreen.

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    • prior to fitting the screen to the frame, as mentioned earlier, place the ear piece dustcover in place on the new screen

    • carefully thread the touchscreen connector through the slot on the frame

    • remove the foil on the screen to expost the adhesive, carefully lower the touchscreen onto the frame, as soon as its flush, apply light pressure around the edges of the screen pressing it into position and ensuring that the glue, applies evenly and sticks to the frame

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    • once the touchscreen is flush turn the phone over

    • refit the conncetor onto its base, and thread the cable tail back into its bracket, once its slided under its braucket lower the latch back into place

    • been careful in the whole process not to damage the connector or its base and latch

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    • once the connector is secured, replace the back frame back onto the phone

    • ensure it is lined up correctly and also the right way round.

    • carefully and methodically work your way around the phone and press this back into position

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    • refit and tighten the screws backinto the frame

    • refit SIM card and memory cards into the phone, ensuring correct insertion

    • refit battery and backcover

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    • Turn on phone

    • test function of the touchscreen

    • if all as gone well your screen should be fully functioning. well done!!

    • if my instructions on this screen replacement were good, please leave a good vote, i am open to improvement, critic, praise and any other ideas or methods, that my help me improve my own learning and experience of completing projects.

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Repeat the steps in reverse order to reassemble your device.

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