This Replacement guide will be teaching you step by step how to replace the hard drive on you Toshiba Satellite S75D-A7346



No parts required.

First we have to take out the battery
  • First we have to take out the battery

  • Pull the switch on the left to the left

  • then hold the switch on the right to the right direction

  • then pull up the bttery from the point inbetween the 2 switches

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Unscrew the screw located next to the information sticker
  • Unscrew the screw located next to the information sticker

  • Then get a screw driver or prier to gently pry the covering plate

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  • Unscrew the black screws and then pull the black tab to the right

  • Then lift it out and place it somewhere

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  • Unscrew the silver screws and move the hard drive somewhere else

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  • Screw the silver screws into the screw slots furthest away from the connectors

  • Note: This computer is only compatible with 2.5 inch SATA 3Gbps

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  • Put the Hard Drive in slot (make sure the connectors are on the same side of the connectors

  • Push the Hard Driver into the connector and screw the black screws in

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  • Put on the backplate and put pressure arround the edges of the blackplate so it stays flat with the case

  • Then screw in the screw next to the information sticker

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  • Place the battery in the slot

  • Then hold the right switch to the right and push the battery in, then release the switch.

  • move the left switch to the right

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  • You have know finished the replacement

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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