If you determined that the LCD screen is unresponsive, or "black," this guide will show you how to access and remove the screen.

  1. Power down the computer and unplug the power adapter.
    • Power down the computer and unplug the power adapter.

  2. Flip the laptop upside down. Locate the two latches on both sides of the battery.
    • Flip the laptop upside down. Locate the two latches on both sides of the battery.

    • Slide the latch on the right outwards, releasing the lock. The latch stays unlocked once moved.

    • Simultaneously slide the latch on the left outwards while pulling the battery towards you.

    • Do not touch the metal connectors on the laptop and the battery.

    • Remove the single captive screw on the back panel with your Phillips #1 screwdriver.

    • Pry the removal tab up. You will feel and hear the first clip release, popping up slightly.

    • Work your way around the border of the panel, releasing the rest of the clips.

    • Once all clips are released, lift the cover up and pull towards you.

    • Slide the hard drive to the left, using the silver tab.

    • Pull up the silver tab, removing the hard drive from the slot.

    • Do not touch the metal data pins on the hard drive or computer.

    • Using your fingers, spread the spring tabs holding the top stick of RAM in place.

    • Once the tabs are spread apart, the stick of RAM will pop up.

    • Remove the first stick of RAM by pulling out along the same angle the RAM stick springs up.

    • Repeat the same procedure to remove the second stick of RAM.

    • Pry under the plastic strip, starting on the top right side of the key board with a Heavy Duty Spudger.

    • Once the first corner is raised, use your hand pulling upwards and release the rest of the strip.

    • Remove the first 3mm screw with the Phillips #1 screwdriver.

    • Remove the next three 3mm screws.

    • Lift the keyboard gently . Slide it forward towards the screen and speakers. This reveals the connection needed for the next step.

    • Use the pointed end of the Heavy-Duty Spudger and push the pins toward the screen, leaving them in this position.

    • Carefully slide the connector out of the port.

    • Remove the following screws with a Phillips #1 screwdriver.

      • Seventeen 5mm screws (recessed)

      • Three 2mm screws in the battery bay (flush-mounted)

      • Single 5mm screw does not need removal unless working on the screen

    • Remove five 5mm screws with the screwdriver.

    • Locate the trackpad connector.

    • Pull the ribbon from the connector.

    • Pry under the top case housing along the perimeter with a plastic opening tool.

    • Be careful and gentle with this step, the clips you are releasing here are plastic and can be broken by violent prying.

    • Remove the screen input wire from the port.

    • Slide the metal power button connector out of its port, allowing the black wire to be moved from under it.

    • Lift the black connector with tweezers and repeat the same action for the white connector.

    • The screen is attached with two hinges on both sides of the laptop.

    • Remove the three 5mm screws (two on the left hinge, one on the right hinge) using a screwdriver.

    • Remove brass fitting held in place by removing the 5mm screw circled in yellow in step 15.

    • Remove the 6 rubber tabs on the housing using a metal Spudger.

    • Remove the six 6mm screws holding the housing.

    • Use the plastic opening tool to pry the screen housing.

    • Only pry from the outside edges! Prying from the inside edges will likely damage the LCD panel.

    • Remove two 5mm screws using a screwdriver. There is one screw at each hinge.

    • Remove white wire from the perimeter of the plastic housing.

    • Disconnect the webcam data wire using tweezers.

    • Remove the three 2.5mm screws on each side of the screen casing with a screwdriver.

    • The two metal casings can now be removed.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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