This guide will show you how to replace your laptops fan. This process requires only a small Phillips head screwdriver and your hands.


No parts required.

Lay your laptop upside down on a flat surface.
  • Lay your laptop upside down on a flat surface.

  • Power off your laptop and unplug the charger.

  • Make sure you allow the laptop time to cool so that you aren't removing a hot battery.

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Locate the right eject switch, labeled "1".
  • Locate the right eject switch, labeled "1".

  • Slide the switch all the way to the right and it should stay in place.

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  • The second eject switch is on the left and it is numbered "2".

  • Slide the switch to the left and remain pushing on it, because unlike switch "1" it will not stay in place on it's own.

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  • With hand still pushing the left switch, grab onto notch at the center of the two switches.

  • Pull up and towards you. The battery will begin to lift out of the device.

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  • The battery can now be pulled out entirely. You are ready to replace it.

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  • Using a small Phillip's head screwdriver, unscrew the single 7 mm screw (5 mm head) on the L-shaped panel on the backside of the laptop.

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  • Once the screw is removed, pry the panel upwards by gripping the groove pictured.

  • Be careful while removing the panel. Don't apply too much force when lifting as you may crack the plastic.

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  • Locate the hard drive. It is in a metal casing as pictured.

  • To remove, grab the right side of the piece and slide leftwards.

  • Lift up and out.

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  • Now that you have your battery and hard drive removed, it's time to begin unscrewing the back panel.

  • Taking a Phillip's head screwdriver, remove the two 7 mm (5 mm head) screws located around the spot where the hard drive once was.

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  • There are nine 7 mm (5 mm head) screws located around the perimeter of the laptops back panel. Unscrew them all.

  • Be sure you put all the screws in a safe spot so you do not lose them.

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  • Get a grip on one edge of the back panel that is now unscrewed and lift its entirety up and away from the device.

  • Be gentle when lifting the panel. Do not forcefully pull it off.

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  • Upon locating your device's fan, look to see if it is dirty or clogged with dust before continuing with the removal process. That may be your only issue.

  • To remove the fan, unscrew the two 4 mm (3 mm head) screws that are around the fan.

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  • Unplug the wire located to the left of the fan by pulling gently upwards.

  • Remember which way you pulled it out. You will want to replace the fan with the colors on the wire in the same orientation.

  • Now that the fan is unplugged, you can lift it up and out of the device.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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