This guide will show how to properly remove the motherboard from the laptop in order to replace or inspect the motherboard.


No parts required.

  1. Locate the two sliding locks indicated in the photo.
    • Locate the two sliding locks indicated in the photo.

    • Slide the right lock (labeled "1") to the right. It will remain in the unlocked position.

    • Slide the left lock (labeled "2") to the left and hold it in place.

  2. While holding the left lock, place your finger in the indentation next to the battery and lift the battery out.
    • While holding the left lock, place your finger in the indentation next to the battery and lift the battery out.

    • Remove the four screws indicated in the photos using a Phillips 00 Screwdriver. Left to right: 6mm button-head, 3mm flat-head, 6mm button-head, 6mm button-head.

    • With your hands, grasp the speaker cover on the edge nearest to the screen.

    • Pry the speaker cover upward.

    • Remove the speaker cover. Your laptop will look like this photo when the speaker cover has been removed.

    • Remove the two 4mm flat-head screws indicated in the photo.

    • Slightly lift and ease the keyboard forward, toward the screen, until the tabs clear the case.

    • When all the tabs are free, slowly lift the bottom of the keyboard while keeping the top of the keyboard angled down. Continue to carefully rotate the keyboard over until you can access the ribbon cable that is still connecting it to the computer.

    • The Ribbon Cable must be disconnected here to release the keyboard.

    • Using a plastic splunger or the tip of your screwdriver gently push upward on the two black tabs securing the connection.

    • When the black plastic bar running across the cable is unseated you can slowly and carefully pull the ribbon cable free.

    • You can now lift and remove the keyboard.

    • Locate the gray wire on the right.

    • Detach the white end by gently pulling each socket away from the other.

    • On the left, locate the black and white wires with gold tips on the end.

    • Pull up on the wires to detach them.

    • Locate the thick tan cord on the left.

    • Slide the tan cord as shown to detach it.

    • On the right, locate the thick black wire with the white rectangular end.

    • Pull up on it to detach it.

    • Remove the four 8mm button-head screws that are located in the top right (2) and top left corners (2) of the front cover. Use a Phillips 00 Screwdriver.

    • Once all the wires are detached and screws are removed, pull up on the monitor to remove it.

    • Locate the screws that are shown in the image.

    • Remove the fourteen 6mm button-head screws with a Phillips 00 Screwdriver.

    • Lift up on the front cover to remove it.

    • Locate the USB 2.0 cable on the bottom right corner of the laptop.

    • Locate the white slot on the left side of the USB 2.0 wire.

    • Carefully detach the wire by pulling the cable to the right of the slot.

    • Locate the 6mm flat-head screw in the top right corner of the bottom of the laptop.

    • Remove this screw with the Phillips 00 Screwdriver.

    • Locate and remove the white connector that is .75 inches wide.

    • Locate and remove the smaller white connector (far right) and any tape that is holding it down.

    • Remove any tape that is still covering the fan.

    • Remove the fan.

    • Locate the 4mm flat-head screw. Remove it using the Phillips 00 Screwdriver.

    • Turn the computer over.

    • Locate the optical drive on the right.

    • Using two fingers, slide the optical drive toward the edge of the computer.

    • Continue to slide the optical drive until it can be removed from the computer.

    • Locate the two black and red wires on each side of the motherboard.

    • Slowly pull back on the cables away from the motherboard to detach them from their connector slots.

    • Pinch the plastic cable horizontally and pull it away from the socket in order to remove the cable connecting the motherboard to the speaker cover buttons.

    • Locate the black wire next to optical drive and gently pull it away from the socket to remove it.

    • Remove the six 4mm flat-head screws with a Phillips 00 Screwdriver.

    • Place one hand on the side with the optical drive and one hand on the side with the fan.

    • Pull the motherboard away from the main frame at a slightly upward angle.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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