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The battery is a lead acid battery and can be replaced

You will need a crosshead(Phillips) screwdriver and suitable connectors for the new battery.

If you can't find an official spare then the replacement battery needs to be of the right physical size, 6V and in the range of 4.0 - 4.5Ah

Edit Step 1 Open the seat  ¶ 

Image #1

Edit Step 1 Open the seat  ¶ 

  • Remove the seat by unscrewing the single screw located just by the backrest

  • Slide the seat backwards to unclip it

  • Unscrew the battery restraint

Edit Step 2 Disconnect the existing battery  ¶ 

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Edit Step 2 Disconnect the existing battery  ¶ 

  • If you are replacing with an official replacement then it's a simple case of unclipping the old battery.

  • Alternative battery

  • If however you are swapping in an alternatively sourced battery you will need to cut off that clip.

Edit Step 3 When to replace the battery?  ¶ 

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Edit Step 3 When to replace the battery?  ¶ 

  • The condition of the battery can most easily be told by charging it and seeing how much use you get out of it before it needs recharging again.

  • However if you have a multimeter then you can also look at the voltage of the battery.

  • Details of checking the battery

Edit Step 4 Replacing the new battery  ¶ 

Image #1

Edit Step 4 Replacing the new battery  ¶ 

  • If you are using a official replacement battery this again should be a simple case of clipping the new one in place.

  • Finish up by replacing the restraining clip making sure to avoid trapping any wires. Replace the seat up by sliding it firmly forwards then screwing down

  • Alternative battery

  • Crimp or solder on suitable connectors for the new battery ensuring that the red and black wires are connected to the same connectors on the battery.

  • It is a good idea to ensure that the battery can disconnected for future diagnosis, external charging or replacement

To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

For more information, check out the Thomas Ride On Train device page.

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