I had a problem with the side clamps that where at uneven lenghts, suspected some worn sprockets.

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  • First thing you want to do is lift up the corners of the rubber mat that makes up the center that your phone sits on. Here you will find 4 screws (One in each corner). Remove these screws and the whole front panel should come off.

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  • Next you need to be careful not to brake any of the 3 wires running from the main charging circuit to the power intake port, that sits on a seperate chip in the bottom housing. This is held on by 1 screw.

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  • Now your should be left with this bottom part. To get to the sprockets and the locking mechanism inside, you need to remove the plate that is secured with 4 screws + 1 smaller screw. When that plate is removed (might take some slight convincing) you will see the sprockets and mechanism seen in picture 2 and 3.

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  • Mind the small spring in picture 1 when assembling, this pulls both the clamps out when the button is pushed. Also remember to realign all the parts when assembling. Other than that it is the reverse of dissasembling.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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