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    • Check the nozzle and bed temperature after power on the machine. Both temperature should be in between 30 to 40 degree before preheat. It is the room temperature.

    • If the temperature showing is below or too much above the room temperature, that means that any problem in heater or thermistor.

    • Remove the thermistor connection from the printer board of the nozzle.Remove the wire connector of the thermistor.

    • Take a multimeter and connect in the thermistors two leg by putting the multimeter knob into resistance value.

    • If the thermistor is showing a value of above 60 ohm means, it is working. Else you have to change the thermistor and connect it back in the same way. And go to next step.

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    • Take the connecting wire of thermistor with connector at one end.

    • Take the multimeter, connect the prob of multimeter on the two ends of the wire and also go for continuity test option in the multimeter.

    • If it is having continuity, the multimeter will produce a beep sound, else we can understand the wire has to be changed.

    • After checking these things , reconnect the thermistor connection.

    • Now go to prepare

    • click preheat

    • Go to main menu, you can see the temperature is increasing or not.

    • If it is incresing, it means the nozzle is working.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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