In case of speaker malfunction,here is all steps needed to replace this part in your Sungale CyberUs.

  1. Make sure to have the device turned off to prevent any minor electric shock.
    • Make sure to have the device turned off to prevent any minor electric shock.

    • Hold the device so the left side is facing towards you (like in the picture shown) so the two 4mm PH001 screws are exposed and easier to access.

  2. Remove both 4mm PH001 screws from the side panel.
    • Remove both 4mm PH001 screws from the side panel.

    • Carefully pry up one of the top corners of the screen with a plastic spudger (prying tool). Slide the tool along the edges to release it from the housing.

    • The screen may make some cracking noises as you pry it from the casing. This is expected.

    • The screen is still connected to the motherboard. Use force with caution.

    • Gently turn screen over, to the side, to reveal the ZIF connector attached to the motherboard.

    • Gently using tweezers, flip the black clip up. Pull the ZIF connector out.

    • You screen is still not completely detached from the device.

    • Using the prying tool, slide the black clip out. Pull the ZIF connector out and to the left, the screen is now detached from the motherboard.

    • Now, carefully we will remove the battery. Find the leads, or the red and black wires going to the battery from the motherboard. To free the wires you must cut the wire near the battery leads. Make sure both ends are clean and have enough exposed wire.

    • You will have to clean the connections and solder the new battery back into place. Just as before, you want to reconnect the new battery to the motherboard.

    • In case of a burned out mother board, take the cables from the battery and the speaker (black and red cables) and detach them from the motherboard (you could only cut them and weld them when replacing with new motherboard).

    • Gently tug on wires to remove the connection from the logic board.

    • To remove mother board gently pull away from the top of the device to make sure the earphone jack it our of the slot.

    • Your mother board is now completely removed from the device.

    • Disconnect cables from the mother board with tweezers.

    • Use plastic spudger (prying tool) to remove speaker from casing mold. The speaker is now completely detached from device shell.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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