when the screen cracks but keeps displaying video the digitizer (cover glass) needs replaced. The tools for this will be a plastic spudger and the PH000 screwdriver from the ifixit toolkit. The screen and the digitizer are extremely fragile and should be taken out with extreme care.

Image 1/2: There are 16 tabs in total. Image 2/2: There are 16 tabs in total.
  • Begin by prying apart your device and pushing in tabs. It is easiest to start on the corners.

  • There are 16 tabs in total.

I'm not sure what's wrong with ours. The color started fading and the picture looked strange. If I pressed the cubby firmly together it would work for a little while. Now I can't get that to work either. Could it just be a loose connection?

thisnotbiznas - Reply

Check the connection for the LCD at the motherboard. Lift up the latch to release the cable, remove and reinstall the cable, and then close the latch again.

Stephen Martinez -

Where do I find the LCD connector? My screen is very dim but works.

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Image 1/1:
  • Once opened carefully peel the black electric tape around the digitizer

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Image 1/1:
  • unclasp the electrical plastic strip by gently pulling up on the white colored clasp.

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Image 1/1:
  • Unscrew the five screws holding down the motherboard.

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Image 1/1:
  • Once all 5 screws are removed you should be able to lift up the motherboard.

I leave the motherboard and battery in place when replacing the digitizer. You only need to unscrew the motherboard to be able to lift it up enough to access the screw that is sometimes install in the front bezel. After you remove the 4 or 5 screws from the bezel, you can pop off the bezel and replace the digitizer with the LCD still in place. You just have to be careful to not damage the LCD while removing the digitizer.

Stephen Martinez - Reply

Image 1/1:
  • Remove the 4 remaining screws, this can be done with the battery still attached but is easier if it is unattached.

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Image 1/1: followed by removing the screen itself it is very fragile and needs to be slowly removed. the plastic spudger is the best tool for this.
  • You should now remove the metal sheet covering the screen and digitizer

  • followed by removing the screen itself it is very fragile and needs to be slowly removed. the plastic spudger is the best tool for this.

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Image 1/2: Image 2/2:
  • Now move all of the white pegs out of the slots located along the perimeter of the plastic. you need to remove all pegs to remove the white front face

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Image 1/2: Image 2/2:
  • To take out the digatizer remove the connector ribbon from the plastic and then slowly apply pressure to the corner and edges of the digitizer.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Ok I opened up the back and I accidentally pressed a little on the battery and now my screen is all white no picture. What did I do is there a way to fix the picture?

deysi gallegos - Reply

Most likely the LCD is broken and needs to be replaced.

Stephen Martinez -

You don't need to remove the mother board or the battery from the LCD to replace the digitizer. Once you remove the screws from the motherboard you can lift it up to access the screw for the front bezel and access the bezel clips underneath. Taking the battery off the LCD will most likely damage the LCD, so don't even mess with it. After you have the front bezel removed, flip the entire assembly over and you can replace the digitizer. Make sure you remove all the black foam and adhesive from the case after the digitizer is removed. This makes assembly easier and prevents damage to the new digitizer.

Stephen Martinez - Reply

I replaced my digitizer screen and it is still not working, what is the screen under the first screen called and it is still showing a dysfunctional screen

pam - Reply

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