The Sony Xperia M4 Aqua has an internal battery, meaning replacement requires phone disassembly.

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  • Place the phone face-down, and use a heat gun or hair dryer to evenly heat the back surface until to soften the adhesive.

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  • Attach a suction cup to the back of the M4 Aqua by carefully pushing down on it near the top of the phone.

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  • While Pulling on the suction cup, slide a thin plastic spacer (guitar picks work well) between the back cover and the phone. Slide it around the edges to break the adhesive seal. Be careful, but don't be afraid to use some force. You should hear a sticky breaking sound.

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  • Remove the back cover by pulling it from the chassis. it is flexible and can be bent, be careful.

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  • Remove copper plated tape and any other securing adhesive with a nylon spudger. Remove carefully, as it has the potential or tear if too much force is used.

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  • Unhook the battery connector carefully. It is possible to damage the battery if too much force is used.

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  • Pry the battery from the phone with the nylon spudger. There is a small amount of adhesive underneath the battery, so a bit of force is required. The battery is malleable, so it is possible to dent the battery if too much force is applied in one spot.

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  • Remove the battery once all of the adhesive is broken, and the connector is unplugged.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Hi... do you need to add some adhesive to reassemble it? Thanks.

Arief Yuha - Reply

U actually buy another back end cover that has the adhesive....

Chase Bryan -

Das ist kein Xperia Z3

Das ist eine Anleitung vom M4 Aqua

Faruk - Reply

Good video thanks.

I'm currently living in Thailand and they don't fix Sonys here in Krabi so I need to do it myself. Lazada has got the lcd and back cover for me, but they don't have a battery. I have a Sony Xperia aqua m4. Will the z3 battery fit...

Chase Bryan - Reply

The copper tape was ripped when I opened the phone. Can it be repaired?

dee_extrordinaire - Reply

Its an shield for better cooling but its not necessary.So dont worry about it.

indrek2710 -

hello guys, I have a serious problem with sony M4.

the mobile can't sustain any processes , it shuts down and repeatedly restart itself till I forced it to be OFF

I repaired the software and the heat and shut down problems still exist.

Any help to find a solution ?

Ahmed Ibrahim - Reply

From what I read on other forums leads me to believe the battery on my Sony M4 Aqua is the cause of the bootloop. Yes I have tried to use the update/repair software from sony and all it did was reverse the color scheme of the sony logo from black to white.

earthjin2000 - Reply

Mines doing the exact same thing, phone has a two year warranty, I'm sending mine back.

Left a fully charged phone on nightstand last night, woke to phone only having 3% battery

Robert Shadbolt -

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