Power down, and disconnect from power supply.
  • Power down, and disconnect from power supply.

  • Use your finger to unlock the tab by pressing the slide away from you.

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Hold the release slide, while using thumb to apply upward pressure.
  • Hold the release slide, while using thumb to apply upward pressure.

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  • Pull the battery off

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  • Unscrew the RAM case

  • The case to pop up once you lose up the case

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  • Use two finger gently to pul the white plastic strap outward with both side.

  • Once you pull the strap, the RAM with lose up, you are able to just lift up the RAM

  • Once you done with the top, repeat the same step for the bottom

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  • Using PH 01 remove two 7mm PH screws.

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  • #1 Use force to push the cap upward.

  • #2 Unscrew two 7mm PH screws.

  • #3 Pull from the plastic and pull toward the arrow point it direction.

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  • Lift plug side first.

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  • Skip to next step if accessing other components.

  • #1 Remove four 3mm PH01 screws from hard drive bracket.

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  • Remove two 7mm PH01 screws

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  • Grasp the DVD drive's face plate with your fingers, and pull out.

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  • Remove ten 7mm PH1 screws

  • Remove two 8mm PH1 screws

  • Remove two 3mm PH1 screws

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  • Remove SD card slot block.

  • Push in until it releases.

  • Then pull out to remove.

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  • Start by finding a loose corner, to work you prying tool into.

  • Then work the tool around the sides to release cover. You may need a second tool to help keep your loose corner open.

  • Lift cover away.

  • NOTE: If you are attempting to access other components, skip 2 steps.

To replace WIFI Card Skip to Part 2 now

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  • Remove this plug using a prying tool.

  • Remove seven 5mm PH01 screws.

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  • To break the thermal paste, apply gentle constant upward force until it comes free.

  • Remove four 3.5mm PH000 screws to access cooling fan.

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  • Continuing from Step 3.

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  • Carefully remove the antenna plugs.

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  • Remove single 3mm PH01 screw.

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  • Remove Wifi Card.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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