This replacement guide was made for the Sony Extra Bass headphones, and if you are experiencing distorted or fuzzy audio this replacement guide could be helpful. Over time, listening to music with the headphones causes the speakers to wear out. It is recommended to replace the speaker before any more damage is caused.


No parts required.

Begin by laying the headphones down flat with the speakers facing up.
  • Begin by laying the headphones down flat with the speakers facing up.

  • Be sure to unplug the headphones from any other devices.

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Next, take  out the screws that hold the front plate, using a J00 screwdriver.
  • Next, take out the screws that hold the front plate, using a J00 screwdriver.

  • Repeat for both the left and right screws.

  • These screws are very small. It is helpful to have a spot prepared to put the screws to avoid losing pieces.

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  • Now that the screws have been removed, pull away the plastic casing that covers the swivel piece (directly above the speaker).

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  • Now that the swivel piece is exposed, use a J00 screwdriver to unscrew the center screw.

  • Repeat this process on both sides if necessary.

  • This center screw is the piece that retains the swivel action, unscrew completely and remove to replace.

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  • Begin by laying the headphones down flat on a surface.

  • Make sure that the headphone speakers are facing upward.

  • Be sure to check that the headphones are not plugged into any devices.

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  • Using the plastic opening tools, gently pry the speaker from the headphone's base.

  • There will be some tearing involved, but this is necessary to remove the original cushion.

  • The cushion is bonded to the headphones with a circular adhesive strip. If you plan on reusing the cushion, try to keep the adhesive attached to the cushion during removal. This way the cushion can be easily re-attached to the headphones after repair.

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  • Remove the speaker from the headband to proceed.

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  • Use a J0 screw driver to unscrew the four screws located underneath on the cushion.

  • The four screws are positioned around the perimeter of the speaker's surface

Hey from my headphones sound is not coming I have done this step but then also sound is not coming can u plz suggest a video on YouTube

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  • Pry open the front case using the J0 screwdriver.

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  • Simply pull away the speaker component to expose the under part of the speaker.

  • The wire will still be attached to the bottom of the speaker

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  • With the under part of the speaker exposed, remove the broken speaker from the wires and solder on the new speaker

  • Indicated on the image to the left shows the two points the speaker can be soldered

  • Use cation when performing soldering. Soldering can be dangerous if not performed correctly with care. See the iFixit guide page on soldering here.

Can you tell me were I can find the speaker replacement?

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Same like u plz suggest a video on YouTube

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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