Repair for this component requires a screwdriver and plastic prying tools. When removing the lens block be wary of the capacitor.

  1. Orient the device so the bottom is facing up, and the lens is facing you ("bottom view").
    • Orient the device so the bottom is facing up, and the lens is facing you ("bottom view").

    • For further reference, consult the service manual. Link to service manual.

  2. Remove these two black M1.4 X 3.5 Phillips head screws.
    • Remove these two black M1.4 X 3.5 Phillips head screws.

    • The third, unmarked screw does not need to be removed at this time.

    • Orient the device so the LCD is facing you, and the hdmi cover is facing up ("left view).

    • Remove these three black M1.4 X 3.5 Phillips head screws.

    • You must lift the hdmi cover to expose one of the screws.

    • Orient the device with the Wifi/GPS logo facing up ("right view").

    • Use a prying motion and a plastic opening tool to pry the side panel up.

    • Areas under the squares are approximate locations of retaining claws, shown at right.

    • Be careful not to break any of the retaining clips as you pry up this panel.

    • After removing the panel, remove the two black M1.4 X 3.5 Phillips head screws.

    • Orient the device so that the LCD is facing you ("back view").

    • Use the plastic opening tool with a prying motion, going between the case and the LCD, from the middle of the LCD to the right of the device, undoing the claws retaining the back.

      • When replacing the back cover of the device, ensure the flash module is UP.

      • The back cover should come off easily but you might hear light snapping or popping.

      • The rotary wheel and button are not secured. They will come loose when the back cover is removed. Set them aside for reassembly

    • Unhook the small printed circuit board by gently pressing the board towards the top of the device and lifting up.

      • Note a ribbon cable should be attached at the top. This does not need to be disconnected yet.

    • Using a plastic opening tool remove the black LCD retainer clip to the right of LCD.

    • Note the orientation of the black LCD retaining clip and how it comes out of the camera.

    • If in doubt, consult the service manual. (Pages 25-27) Click to continue to the service manual. This has a reference number of 3 in the linked diagram.

    • Use the plastic opening tool to gently lift the LCD from the device

      • The LCD should be attached to a ribbon cable

    • Using the plastic opening tool to lift the black retaining clip up to disengage the ribbon cable. Then gently pull the ribbon cable to remove.

      • Be careful to not damage the cable.

    • Reorient the camera so you are looking at the "top view".

    • Remove the black M1.4 X 3.5 Phillips head screw next to the ON/OFF button circled in red.

    • Orient the device so you are looking at the "bottom view".

    • Remove the black M1.4 X 3.5 Phillps head screw located next to the tripod attachment.

    • Lift the aluminum back plate.

    • This should not take much force. If it doesn't come off easily, there is probably a screw still in.

    • Take note of the back plate's orientation for reassembly.

    • The connections (red squares) have small black retaining clips. Using a plastic opening tool, lift upward towards the cable to unlock.

    • The upper ribbon cable simply pulls loose.

      • There is no retaining clip securing this ribbon cable.

    • Lift the lens block from the case.

      • You may need to gently push on the front part of the lens, from the front of the device, to help free the lens block. If you must, push on an edge, not the shutter.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Can you tell me how to open Sony hx20v lens..... I have problem in my Sony camera n I don't know how to fix the lens I try several times but I'm so worried about to break any part or wrong fix. Please show how to open lens (only lens) part.....please..sorryforbadenglish.

vinnybhoir99 - Reply

These guides are best suited if you are replacing parts. There's no 'repairing' the individual components. If you can find another broken camera of the same model (but with a good lens) then you could replace it.

Zacharias Merriam -

can i follow the same instruction for SONY DSC HX 10V .as both looks identical . when i shake my camera sound comes as if some parts are loosen but when i switched on my camera and the lens comes out that sound goes off . should i care for it or not ?

bikashlakra - Reply

I followed all the steps and I was able to fix a problem with the lens. Thanks a lot! ! ++

alfredo.desario - Reply

I have successfully changed with the help of your description my noisy lense system

thanks a lot

D. A. Waldvogel

Dominik Waldvogel - Reply

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