In the event that your display screen does not work, you may need to replace it. This guide will show you how to remove the defective screen and replace it with a new one.

  1. Lift up the screen.
    • Lift up the screen.

    • Unscrew the two Phillips #000 screws on each side of the screen.

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  2. Use a plastic spudger to gently pry open the screen.
    • Use a plastic spudger to gently pry open the screen.

    • Continue to push and slide along the edge of the screen.

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    Spread Fixmas Cheer
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    • Lift up the glass screen protector from the LCD.

    • Lift the LCD to expose the ZIF connector.

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    • Identify the ZIF (zero insertion force)connector (the black bar).

    • Flip the lever up and pull the connector out (Be sure not to yank the connector out to avoid damage).

    • Connect the new LCD and then flip the lever down.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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This repair guide seems to show the replacement of a AUO Version of Sony Alpha A350 LCD Replacement. Could someone show how to replace a Sony version of a Sony Alpha A350 LCD Replacement. The two are different. Thanks

David - Reply


if you're still looking to solve this : replacing the AUO version or the Sony version of the LCD is exactly the same. However, things get more complicated when you had a broken AUO and want to replace it with a SONY LCD, or vice versa, because the flex circuit (visible in step 4 ) is different between a AUO and SONY LCD. So without switching the flex circuit, you will not be able to switch the LCD from a Sony to a AUO or from a AUO to a Sony.

Am I making sense ? There are I think 4 versions in total of all flex circuits + components (according to the service manual) : 1 is unique for the AUO, 1 is for the Sony, and the last 1 is for both, but depending on components soldered onto it, it needs to be used for either AUO or Sony.

Switching to AUO makes sense, because prices for a Sony replacement LCD nowadays will cost you more then the complete camera.

AUO LCD's can be found for about 20 - 40 $ . If only you could get hold of the appropriate flex circuit.

Hope this helps.


lockinvar - Reply

years ago i had attempted to replace the screen with no knowledge and i broke the lever, my question to you is how do i fix it now?

Moriah Foster - Reply

Moriah, I have the same issue. did you solve it ? I have a replacement screen but the ZIF plastic connector is broken. Did you find a way to fix it ?

Leopoldo Bolanos -

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