The AS15 is a great little action camera. After using it for a week, I found that I did not like the sounds (especially the time lapse shutter sound) nor the bottom hatch that covers the ports (to better allow external batteries while recording). So I removed them, it was really easy, here's how...


No parts required.

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  • Remove battery. Open bottom hatch. Remove the 2x screws with mini philips driver, the bottom hatch door should just come out with a little pull now.

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  • Gently press the tab in the center as you slide out the electronics.

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  • Remove 2x screws over the metal retaining clip; one is above the LCD and one is below. Gently pull the plastic tab at the top as you swing the metal retaining clip downward. Desolder the speaker. Replace the metal retaining clip and 2x screws.

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  • Slide electronics back into the housing. Replace bottom port cover and 2x screws. Replace battery. Cut tether to the bottom hatch, replace on bottom of camera.

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Enjoy silent operation and hassle-free access to the ports!

Even Easier: you can skip some steps if you just clip one of the wires to the speaker (red or blue), and leave the speaker in the unit.

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Nice. Now how about making it easier to attach a remote microphone? One should be able to pull out or connect a pigtail to the 3mm jack and make a dongle outside the case, no? :)

flyrv9 - Reply

The other way is to turn off the sound through the setup menu….

edward - Reply

I came here to say what edward said :P

Although you have to upgrade the firmware first, I think...

ahahah -

Wow, good pics. Seems you don't even need the (dis-)assembly guide I just found:


wwwaste - Reply

Where can I find sony action cam parts, I need some for the bottom of this cam....ANY LINKS OR SITES...Thank U

usbreaks - Reply

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