If there is a loss of suction, an easy first check is the suction hose. Remove the suction hose and examine it for rips and breaks, replacing it if needed.


No parts required.

Image 1/2: Image 2/2:
  • Remove the bottom part of the hose from the vacuum by pressing on the tabs on each side of the nozzle.

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Image 1/1:
  • Remove the handle from the top of the vacuum with the suction hose attached.

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Image 1/1:
  • Remove the six 12 mm screws using the Phillips #2 screwdriver holding together the handle of the vacuum.

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Image 1/3: Remove the suction hose from the handle. Image 2/3: Remove the suction hose from the handle. Image 3/3: Remove the suction hose from the handle.
  • Remove the cover of the handle.

  • Remove the suction hose from the handle.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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this is not even accurate!!! the cover does not come apart easily as pictured. it's a nightmare that's what it is. the part where the actual handle is at that's not the problem, the real problem is right above the suction ring. it won't budge. i've been trying for two days.

Dulce Elote - Reply

She's right, the handle halves aren't two-piece on the professional models, they're a single piece and the suction ring holds them together. Some dipsh*t on Youtube is all, "Oh, just use a butter knife to separate the pieces", but I snapped a knife in half without separating them. Pretty sure it has to be at a certain point, or is a one-way snap assembly.

I'd do more research, but I wound out just hammering the clog (a friggin' toy, of course) out the way it came in.

cevmarauder -

The suction ring on the NV501 must be pried off toward the open end of the tube. A wide flat blade screw driver between the handle and the suction ring works best. The suction ring doesn't need to be rotated any specific direction for removal. It will take some force to snap back onto the handle during assembly. Rotational orientation is important during assembly, so the suction ring can function as designed.

The hose wire is also soldered to a ground plate in the handle, and a ground lead that contacts the aluminum suction tube . You can see the wires in the 2nd picture of step 4. I assume this is required to eliminate static electric charges that could ignite a dust fire when shorted.

Donn Strutton -

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