Follow the steps of the guide to replace the display or the glass broken.

After these necessary steps you can proceed to disassemble the device for other repairs

  1. Remove the back cover.
    • Remove the back cover.

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  2. Remove the battery.
    • Remove the battery.

    • Remove the SIM card and SD card.

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    • Heat the display edges adequately at 80 degrees Celsius (176°F), then proceed to detach the display by inserting the flat opening tools between the display glass and the frame.

    • Be careful not to rip the flat cables that lie underneath the lower part of the phone, near the keys

    • Be careful not to rip the display flat connectors that lie underneath the upper part of the phone

    Note: the screen is also attached in the middle with an "L" shaped and "i" shaped strong glue. Make sure u heat that up too. Its explained in the next step! Beware...

    Jurgen van Duijvenbode - Reply

    Has been specified in step 4, the L-shaped pink strip must be warm and carefully detached

    Smilzo -

    • !!!!CAUTION!!!! The display is also pasted in the middle with strong double-sided, be very careful if the display is not broken and you have to replace it with a new one.

    • Insert translation here

    • pink stripes are part of very strong adhesive that is likely to break the display

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    • remove black cap interlocking covering the display connector

    • unhook the display connector

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    • Separate the display and swap it out for a new one.

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To assemble the device , follow these instructions in reverse order

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slt le problem que j ait un sm- g800f copy

c est pas originale et j arive pas a trouver l aficheur qui ce convien a lui

j besoin de votre aide pour avoir un aficheur pour tlphon portable sm-g800f fcc id:a3lsmg800f made korea by samsung

DJAMEL - Reply

essayer d'expliquer avec des mots corrects, parce que le traducteur ne comprend pas ce que vous dites

Smilzo -

Not sure, but it sounds like he's looking for a display to fit a Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini (sm- g800f) that may or may not be a fake? There are a lot of shorthand and typos in there though...

Sam Lionheart -

Je suis désolé, je ne comprends pas

Smilzo - Reply

There are typos, I personally buy spare parts on eBay

Smilzo - Reply


I have a broken glasfront and would like to repair it,

I have found spare parts on amazon but from the tutorials I have the feeling I cant change the glas front alone or can I?

My display has no damage whatsoever.

Just wanted to make sure its possible before buying the spare part

sightless.seepra - Reply

my advice is to buy all the assembled display because being able to separate the broken glass from the display is very complicated and having run machined on purpose mil outcome is not guaranteed

Smilzo - Reply

Does a Samsung Galaxy S5 LCD + Digitizer work as a replacement for the S5 Neo? Everything looks the same, but I'm trying to connect the ribbon cable and it's not snapping in easily. I fear forcing it could damage it. Any idea?

Stacy Moffat - Reply

S5 and S5 Neo have different plug size. You cannot swap between.

Tomasz Bielawski -

Where can I buy new display in 2018? I can spent max 75$.

edit: I’m searching for S5 Neo obviously. Sending parts from Europe would be great.

WojtekM - Reply

Hi! Good guide very usefull, only confusing thing i found is the way the pictures are displayed at step 4. The way the phone opens from the top on the first one and then from the bottom on the second lead me to think it was from the top both times. Beside that very helpfull.

Philippe Raymond - Reply

hello, I tried to open it a bit 'from all sides, starting from the top and then laterally and below, because of the parts glued in the center I did not understand how to move, finally opening the outline you can lift it from below to not damage the cables of display. Now that you know how it's done, you can move as you see fit to remove the display without breaking down

Smilzo -

Is it possible to remove a perfectly good screen off of an already functional phone without damaging the ribbons/LCD and glass to use on another Galaxy 5 neo? Both being the exact same models of phones, of coarse!

Jason Ducharme - Reply

certainly paying close attention

Smilzo - Reply

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