While the process is straight forward, as there wasn't a guide for this already, this will walk you through the steps to replace the non-removable battery in your Samsung Series 9.


No parts required.

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  • Step 1 : Flip over the case, grab your toolkit and get to work removing the visible screws. You should find 10 of them.

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  • Step 2: Once it is open, you'll be happy to see that there is nothing obstructing your access to the battery. You should clearly be able to see the screws to remove the battery, and the cable attached to the motherboard. Once you've removed the screws, simply jiggle the cord until it pops out.

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  • Step 3: With the old battery out, you simply need to reverse your steps to put the new one in. I found that lifting up the speakers gave me a little more room to work with.

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  • Step 4: And before ou know it, your new battery is staring back at you. Take the time to clean out the dust from your processor fan and the back cover. You'll be glad you did. Then click the back on, screw it in and job is done.

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Samsung really made it easy to do this yourself. Only issue might be a screw that needs a little convincing to come out.

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Where can I find the battery pack replacement please?


JeanMarc Doumenc - Reply

Just curious, did anyone else experience the OS indicating the battery was at full charge even though it was dead and would kill laptop when power cord unplugged? Going to replace battery but wondering if I have additional controller problem which may have caused this. Thanks!

David Weber - Reply

I just replaced the battery and now I encounter this problem -- the battery is always at 100%. Was anyone able to solve this?

Ken Bryan Calupitan -

Did it helped when you replaced the battery? Because currently I am experiencing the same issue.

Jernej Jerin -

Did you get to the bottom of this? Just installed an official Samsung battery and same result. Charges to 100% but shuts off immediately if you remove the ac power lead

Jim Cain -

My OS suggested that I get a new battery for a few days before completely giving up the ghost. Likely to be unrelated to your exp David.

P.S. The new battery I put it is still going strong.

fridleyjames - Reply

I'm interested in replacing the battery on my Samsung Series 9. However, I cannot find an exact battery replacement for my model. I am using a NP900X3A.

This appears to be the closest battery I can find:

Can someone please confirm that this battery will indeed work with my model before I place an order?

Much thanks and grateful for this guide.

Paleus - Reply

That doesn't look like the right battery, Search for BA43-00292A.

E D'Souza -

Review was good. Waiting for battery to charge if everything works.

Battery for NP900X3A is Samsung Part Number BA43-00292A

E D'Souza - Reply

The hardest part for me was removing the screws on the battery. I had a decent set of precision screwdrivers, but I couldn't get a perfect match. 3 out of the 7 battery screws came out easily, but I had to drill through the other 4. I replaced the new battery which is now held by only 3 screws, but I think it's stable enough and it works.

gfonsecabr - Reply

I'm really struggling to loosen the screws, any advice?

Zelme Swart - Reply

@Zelme Just recently replaced the battery on a NP900X4C_A05AU. Had the same problem with the screws when trying to remove the old battery, ended up stripping the heads off 3 of the screws and was then not able to use a screw driver.

My solution, was to use a heating element to heat-up (not red hot) the tip of a small flat-head screw driver and gently melt away the plastic around the screw. Once done the battery very neatly come off.

The following is an image of the old battery:

Arash Partow - Reply

@partow hey where did you get your battery for the np900x4c A05AU I'm having trouble finding one for my np900x4c A06US please let me know, are these batteries compatible by any chance? Can't find much info on my specific model :/

David Kim - Reply

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