Replace the right driving wheel of your POWERbot to end movement problems . To resolve the C 03 error code, replace the right driving wheel.


No parts required.

  1. Turn the emergency switch off.
    • Turn the emergency switch off.

  2. Remove the two exposed screws on the top right of the device.
    • Remove the two exposed screws on the top right of the device.

    • Lift the cover plate to expose the battery.

    • Using one hand, pinch the white plastic connector where the battery's wiring connects the POWERbot. Pull up to disconnect.

    • Lift the battery from the right side, up and out of its compartment.

    • Unscrew the two silver 1.5 cm screws on the left and right side of the battery compartment.

    • Remove the two 1.5 cm screws above the yellow sliding lock tabs.

    • Remove the two 1.2 cm screws in the brush compartment.

    • With moderate force, separate the silver top from the black bottom of the vacuum.

    • The cover will only separate a few inches as the two halves are connected by wires.

    • Disconnect the white and red wired connector attached to the top half of the base of the vacuum by squeezing the connector and pulling up.

    • Pinching the top and bottom of the black wired connector, pull outward, fully detaching the top from the bottom of the device.

    • Detach the wide circuit connector on the left side by pinching and pressing down on the right and left side of the clip, pulling the connector out.

    • Pull the connector out by the left and right side of the white clip and not by the wires.

    • Remove the four 1.2 cm screws.

    • Remove the single 0.8 cm screw.

    • Remove the two 1.5 cm screws on the motor chamber.

    • Lift the motor by grabbing the body of the motor, lifting upward.

    • With the screws removed from the motor chamber the top of the motor chamber will pop open.

    • With the spring fully retracted, unhook the spring from the wheel casing.

    • Remove the screw securing the black plastic piece to the right of the wheel casing.

    • This piece is not part of the wheel casing but must be unscrewed to remove the wheel casing.

    • Lift wheel and wheel casing out of vacuum base.

    • Remove the three screws fastening the two halves of the wheel casing together.

    • Separate the unsecured half of the wheel casing, exposing the wheel.

    • Remove the three screws on the remaining half of the wheel casing.

    • Unscrew the black 1 cm screw securing the center of the wheel.

    • Remove the wheel.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Where can you find the replacement left driving wheel? are all the model the same?

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