Does your watch battery last less than a day with minimal use, or does the watch only power on when connected to the charger? Replacing the battery may fix these problems.

  1. Flip the watch over so that the face is down.
    • Flip the watch over so that the face is down.

    • Using a Y#0 screwdriver, unscrew the four 3.5 millimeter tri-head screws.

    • Remember to turn off the watch to avoid being shocked.

    The warning to turn off the watch to avoid electrical shock was a joke, right?!

    nanev - Reply

    The screws don't seem to be turning easily. What's the best way to loosen them without stripping them?

    Mark Franz - Reply

  2. Using your finger, push forward on the release while pulling up on the strap.
    • Using your finger, push forward on the release while pulling up on the strap.

    • You may find it helpful to use the flat end of a spudger to push on the release instead of your finger.

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    • Repeat the procedure from step 2 for the other strap.

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    Spread Fixmas Cheer
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    • Insert a plastic opening tool between the top and bottom portions of the case, and gently pry off the back.

    • Do not insert the tool more than 3 millimeters into the case. Inserting more than 3 mm may damage the seal and electric components.

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    • Using a Philips head #00 screwdriver, remove the two 3.6 millimeter screws.

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    • Using a spudger, pry up the three cables.

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    • Using the flat end of a spudger, pry up the motherboard.

    • Make sure the cable is fed through the hole to avoid damaging it.

    • The motherboard is attached to the battery casing, so place the motherboard in the orientation shown once freed.

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    • Using tweezers, lift the battery casing.

    • Make sure the cables are fed through their gaps to avoid damaging them.

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    • Flip the battery casing over and using a spudger, push on the battery to free it from the casing.

    • Once the battery is free, use the flat end of a spudger to lift up the battery cable.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Excellent guidelines, and do you have steps for s3 frontier

pedro tiburcio - Reply

A reference to the battery part number would be great.

Harold Turner - Reply

Very good job and very easy


I have the Gear S2 3G version R730V and purchased a battery thinking these instructions would work, but once I opened the watch it is not the same as the one above. Does anyone have instructions on how to replace the batter on the R730V??

Irene - Reply

Irene I just replaced the battery on my wife’s S2 3g from Verizon. Differences from above are. There is only 1 Philips 3.6 millimeter screw holding the mother board. There are also 5 cables that need to be disconnected. The mother board completely disconnects from the watch. There is no battery casing. Just remove the battery cable, the cable is the one with the little hole on one side and then use a spudger to lift the battery out which seems to have a sticky side to it holding it in. Then reverse order to put everything back together.

Russ Brewer -

I have the watch in the 3G version - R370V . I purchased a battery for it thinking these instructions would work, but once I got it open I see it’s different. I can’t find the instructions anywhere. Can anybody here help?

Irene - Reply

What battery did you buy?

Monica -

Hello, i need some help and maybe you can help me: i have an S2 gear watch and from the last week anytime that i put on the charging base show onthe watch screen a white triangle with an orange thermometer.Thanks in advance.

Diego E. Rojkis - Reply

“No parts requied”…

…apart from a replacement battery?!…

ady.eades - Reply

Russ Brewer, Thank you. I finally got it apart and find that I was sent the wrong battery! Not what I wanted to find, but thanks for your help!

Irene Vejar - Reply

What battery do you replace for the s2 gear class smv 730v

Monica - Reply

Have people been finding that replacing the battery really does help? My watch has been sitting in a drawer for the last year because the battery didn’t last more than a few hours, but everything I found online at the time pointed toward it being a software issue after an update. A battery problem - that sounds like something I know how to handle!

drydencm - Reply

Well done! Clear, logical, precise and easy to follow instructions, accompanied by good photos. Replacement easily done! thank you.

pfsines - Reply

these instruction work only for 250 mah battery and version of the watch that supports it

Samsung Galaxy Gear s2 has 300mah battery and completely different

be careful when you order it.

also the screw driver Tool that iFix it for removing the back cover doesn’t work, it is way too big to get inside small holes

Sergey Zaikin - Reply

Samsung Gear S2 3g Verizon uses following battery - Original Samsung Gear S2 Battery 300mAh (SM-R730A,SM-R735)

Sergey Zaikin - Reply

unable to unscrew the back.ordered the fixit y0 tool and it doesn’t work. ordered some other y0 screwdriver and not able to get it to work either. would like to know where to get the y0 tool used in the photos.


charles pritt

charles pritt - Reply

Super Anleitung. Mit etwas Mut ist das kein Problem. Eventuell die Beispielfotos etwas vergrößen. Vielen Dank und weiter so!

Felix Raddatz - Reply

Hi, great steps. Thank you so much.. where can i find the battery itself though?

Fungai Felix Makoni-Muchemwa - Reply

Like Charles Pritt I was unable to unscrew the back with the recommended Y0 tool.

Greg Bartley - Reply

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